Security Guides

Before Check-in
          If you are carrying firearms, please inform airline staff at Check-in counter who will escort you to a desk provided for inspection of documents and unloading of ammunition  from firearms.
Passengers are not permitted to bring any dangerous substances or goods on board the aircraft, neither in carry-on baggage nor checked baggage.

Security Check
1. After passport check, you have to go through Security Check.  Have your ticket ready for inspection.
2. You may be asked to take your shoes off for x-ray. 
3. Put your baggage on a tray for scanning by x-ray machine.  Laptop computer, jacket, and zip-lock bag containing liquids are scanned separately, so put these items on another tray.
4. Walk through metal detector.  Passengers using pacemaker or expecting ladies please inform Security Officer in advance.  The officer will conduct body search manually.
5. If  you pass through metal detector and it beeps, check if you have any metal objects on you.  If you do, please show them to the airport staff. You may need to walk through the metal detector again. 
6. If metal detector beeps after the second walk through, Security Officer will escort  you to a room provided for manual body search to find out what causes the beep.
7. On completion of Security check, proceed to the Boarding Gate.
8. Passengers who refuse to go through Security Check or refuse to observe the airport’s Security regulations  will not be permitted to pass Security Check Point to board the aircraft.

Restrictions to carry liquids on board
          The Thai Department of Civil Aviation made an announcement concerning Restrictions to carry liquids, aerosols and gels on board aircraft effective on 1 June 2007 as follows:
1. All liquids, aerosols and gels excluding dangerous goods, that you wish to bring on board must be in containers with maximum capacity of 100 ml. Containers with capacity exceeding 100 ml. will not be permitted on board even though containing less than 100 ml. of liquid. 
2. Put all items in a clear zip-lock bag, total amount of liquids must not exceed 1 litre.
3. You are permitted to bring only one bag of liquid.
4. Have it ready for inspection by Security Officer at Screening Point.
5. Liquids, aerosols and gels under above restrictions include drinking water, beverages, body lotion and oil, perfume, hair gel and foam, toothpaste, deodorant and other similar items.
6. Exceptions from restrictions are baby’s food and milk and medicine at reasonable quantity.
7. Liquids , aerosols and gels purchased from Duty Free shop at the Airport or in-flight must be put in plastic bag, properly sealed and  accompanied by receipt dated on the same day of travel.