Expectant Mothers

          You and your unborn child's safety are our highest priority. We recommend that all expectant mothers consult a doctor before making travel arrangements; this is for the passenger’s safety and to prevent any unnecessary delays during check-in.

          Depending on the stage of your pregnancy and certain other details, you may need to carry on board certain medical forms. Please see below for our guidelines on which medical forms may be needed.

Pregnancy stage Declaration form for expectant mother Doctor's certificate required
Up to and including the 27th week NO NO
Beginning of the 28th week up to and including the 32nd week YES NO
Beginning of the 33rd week and beyond YES YES

** During the last 4 weeks of pregnancy prior to birth, the airline regrets to inform you that expectant mothers will not be able to fly with us due to safety reasons.



Reference : www.bangkokair.com