Wat Buppharam

Wat Buppharam : Make your visit at this temple with the oldest wooden hall in Trat since mid 17th century and don’t forget to have a glance on the surviving murals created in the early Rattanakosin. Located on Plai Khlong Road..

Koh Chang Yutthanawi Memoria

Koh Chang Yutthanawi Memoria : Located on Ngop Cape, the memorial commemorates the naval engagement between Thai and France on January 17, 1941 and is also home of the navy with the statue of the father of Thai navy, Prince Chumporn..

City Pillar

City Pillar : Sits on the Lak Muang Road, this main city pillar was built under the style of Chinese architecture in the reign of King Taksin the Great with the belief of both Thai and Chinese people that the shrines would protect them from danger and bring the good deed to the town...

Faverite Islands in Trat

Trat, where rich culture and beautiful nature meets. Travelers visiting Trat will enjoy a slow life, beautiful beaches and islands. Further more, adventure travelers can sail or kayak between many beautiful and peaceful islands such as Chang Island, Mak Island, and Kood Island...

Wat Yotha Nimit

Wat Yotha Nimit : Known as Wat Bot, this temple on Tetsaban 4 Road will offer you some historical knowledge with the magnificent murals on the wall and some ancient artifacts in the temple’s former ubosot..
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