Trat Airport participated in a regional emergency exercise on June 10-11, 2015.

Trat Airport joined annual exercise for Prevention and Management of Disasters 
During 10 - 11 June 2015, Trat Airport participated in annual exercise for Prevention and Management of Disasters with sustainable approach to emergency response relating to an outbreak of contagious disease - Ebola. The two-day exercise was held at KC Grand Hotel and at Ban Lame Boarder Checkpoint, Ampur Pong Nam Rorn in Chantabui Province.

On the first day, 10 June 2015, Tabletop exercise was conducted whereby participants were divided into 5 groups.  Trat Airport joined the group that discussed channels for movement of people and was one of group representatives who presented a summary of the Tabletop Exercise.

Functional exercise in simulated environment was conducted on the second day, 11 June 2015, which included movement of people and resources. Trat Airport will apply knowledge and experience gained from the exercise to improves its Emergency Plan  to deal with outbreak of contagious diseases.