Travel in Koh Chang

Hat Sai Khao

‘Sai Kao’ means ‘white sand’. As its nomenclature suggests, it is a beautiful white sand beach which stretches over 6 km. It is perfect for swimming. This beach is lively with    many resorts, shops and entertainment establishments that are open all night long.

Chai Chet Peninsular
This is the most perfect site for admiring the gorgeous sunset. There are high cliffs where you can go up to observe the panoramic views of the most romantic setting of the east coast of Koh Chang.

Klong Phrao Beach
Khlong Phrao beach lies on the west coast and south of Chai Chet peninsular. It stretches to Kai Bae beach. Having a wide beachfront, a gradual slope and moderate-height waves, Khlong Phrao beach is ideal for swimming. Many tourists love to play watersports here.  The number of people is just about right.

Kai Bae Beach
This is another beach which is highly visited by tourists. It lies on the south near Khlong Phrao beach. The beach’s gradual slop  makes it easy for swimming. From the beachfront you can see Chorakhe island. In fact, Kai Bae beach is quite near to Mun island that you can get there by kayak.

Mu Koh Chang Observatory Site
On the hill just before the entrance of Bang Bao Village, lies an observatory site from which you can see the most beautiful west coast of Koh Chang in panorama. In the vicinity, there is a rocket-shaped postbox where you can drop postcards in. Many visitors have long lasting fond memories of this site.

Klong Phlu Waterfall
A large waterfall with plenty of water all year round. Located on the west of the island where there are many resorts, only 500 m. from the main road, Khlong Phlu waterfall is highly visited by tourists. Its pleasantly cool and naturally peaceful surroundings are ideal for relaxation.

Tharn Mayom Waterfall
In the National Park and about 500 m. from durian planation, lies a 4-tier vertical waterfall which is surrounded and kept cool by deep forests.

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